KASET Affordable Wall Panel

Faster installation time and substantial cost savings with a minimal workforce.
The Kaset system is a fast installation system with superb quality.

Key Features & Advantages :

For the same beauty and appearance as other metal claddings but at a price
affordable by all.

Reduces labour and construction and saves cost.

Horizontal or equal sided panels to suit building design.

A roll formed tongue and groove design to firmly lock the panels together.

No exposed fasteners for a clean flushed surface.

Easily handled by just one worker.

Using all the well known attractive colours of COLORBOND® Steel

Backed by the assurance of BlueScope Steel Malaysia’s material warranty.

All materials are highly recyclable with no damage to the environment.

Components do not propagate or spread flame.

Installation Sequence

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

KASET Diagrams

Key Features & Advantages


Quick and Easy Installation

Versatile Application

Unique Joint System

Concealed Fixing

Light Weight

Wide Colour Range

Warranted Durability

Environmentally Friendly

Fire Safe