Manik manufactures a range of Prestaroof panels using a variety of excellent thermal core materials sandwiched between steel skins with the outer facing made from COLORBOND® steel. It can be polyurethane form core or stone wool core.

Prestaroof panels epitomize a modern method of roof covering providing watertightness and insulation from heat (or cold) and noise.

Standard Prestaroof Panel Specification
Product Description
Prestaroof Prestaroof RW
Common Width (CW), mm   760
Custom Length (CL), mm
 1000 < CL < 12000
Effective Thickness (t), mm
  25, 45, 75
Base Metal Thickness, mm
  Outer : 0.42
  Inner : 0.42
Core Density, kg/m3 (nominal)
 42  100
Unit Weight, kg/m2 (nominal)
9.3 11.5
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m.k) 0.02 0.04


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